LACRT BULLETIN – 8th April 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbours,  We have said a grateful thanks a few times for the many Largo area volunteers who have put their hands up to help us respond to the Coronavirus crisis, but perhaps we have not said it loud enough or often enough!   We have been absolutely bowled over and delighted by the many offers of help from all parts of our communities. We could have set … Read more

LACRT BULLETIN – 7th April 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbours,  Easter is fast approaching, but there are testing times ahead for all of us. We know that we are asking people to go the extra mile, to slow the spread of Coronavirus and to help our NHS. We understand just how very hard this is when we would all like to be … Read more

LACRT BULLETIN- 5thApril 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbours, By today, the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in Fife had reached 200. This is, of course, an underestimate as only cases tested in hospital are included in the figures. We must assume that thevirus is on our local streets already. NHS Fife has now set up a Covid-19  information page at The NHS and the World Health Organisation are two trusted sources of advice and information. Both are used by the BBC. Sadly, this virus will not … Read more


LACRT BULLETIN 6                                                          29th March 2020  ‘Deliver 2 U’   to be launched from:      Monday 30th March  One of the fundamental principles of the ‘Deliver 2 U’ service is that it will be a LOCAL operation only. Many in our community already have arrangements in place with major food retailers or with our local shops. We cannot replace these, and it is not our intention to do so.   Our focus … Read more

LACRT Bulletin #5

LACRT BULLETIN 5                                                                        27th March 2020  Dear Friends and Neighbours,  Things are moving ever more quickly as this crisis develops. Two weeks ago, we began to organiseour collective community response to the coronavirus. We have made great progress. This is entirely down to the willingness and determination of the many volunteers and contributors who have stepped up to this difficult challenge. Lots of talented, committed and generous people have offered to help. We thank you all for your enthusiasm and energy, without which we … Read more

Waste, Bins & Refuse reminder

Residents are being asked if they can take their rubbish (including dog poo) home as the public bins may cease to be emptied. Fife Council staff who normally empty the public bins are being taken off their normal duties to man the bin lorries. The recycling  centres are closed. Fife Council intend to maintain the … Read more

LACRT Bulletin #4

Dear Friends and Neighbours,  The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Fife has now reached 40 and is rising fast. The virus is now circulating in our community, and we need to take extra care if we are to look after ourselves, protect the most vulnerable in our community, and support the wonderful NHS staff who will have to take care of us all.  The health advice on self-isolation and social distancing (3 Steps … Read more

The LACRT Coronavirus Bulletin #3 – Key Message ‘Stay at Home’!

TDear Friends,  You will have seen the latest developments on the news. In order to save our NHS from being overwhelmed, we need to increase self-isolation and social distancing to the maximum possible extent. This applies to everyone except key workers and some essential industries and services. This is for our own protection and for the protection of our … Read more

LACRT Media Release

MEDIA STATEMENT – Largo Areas Coronavirus Response Team 22/3/2020 The increasing threat to our communities posed by the spread of coronavirus has led organisations in the Largo are to set up a community resilience team under the auspices of Fife Council’s Emergency Planning framework. This group is called the Largo Area Coronavirus Response Team (LACRT) … Read more