Largo Pier Restoration Consultation

The last time we consulted Largo Area residents about the work we’re doing to save our pier it was a lot easier to engage with everyone. Although we are living in difficult times with rules about social distancing and groups we still have to carry on, because the usual seasonal storms won’t stop happening and … Read more


Dear Friends, We are now in week 6 of the Coronavirus lockdown and it has been amazing to see the wonderful response of our communities in identifying local need and finding a way to meet it.  In particular, those who are simply but importantly being good neighbours; those who are being good friends on the … Read more


Dear Friends and Neighbours,  We know that the announcement of another 3 weeks of lockdown will have caused some frustration here and elsewhere. Unfortunately, Coronavirus cases in Fife are still rising – 488 yesterday, so probably exceeding 500 over the weekend. This does not include Care Homes or cases in the community, so it will … Read more

LACRT BULLETIN – 15th April 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbours, The lovely Easter weekend was a test of our mettle, but our communities celebrated in exactly the right way! Thanks for your consideration and your restraint. The way in which we have come together to support and protect each other has shown extraordinary goodwill and spirit.    The worst of this … Read more