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                  Next Meeting 7:00 p.m. Monday 19th February 2018 Lundin Links Library

Agenda for meeting, 7.00pm

February 19th,  2018,

Largo Library and Community Hub, Crescent Road , Lundin Links


1) Apologies 

2) Approval of minutes of the meeting of the 15th January 2018 at the Durham Hall

3)  Roads – Proposed speed humps on Largo Road


4) )Matters Arising,

                              a) Bridge at Lundin Mill

b) Lundin Links Hotel

c) Buckthorns core path

5) 2018 Community Council Election

6) Planning

7) Correspondence






Dear Steve and Peter


Please find attached a plan showing a proposal for speed cushions on the A915 Largo Road to supplement and complement the existing 20mph speed limit.  This proposal has been drafted following representation from residents via one of the Ward Members.


I would be pleased to receive a formal response from the Community Council indicating your support or otherwise to the proposed measures.


I look forward to hearing from you in due course.


Kind regards



Colin Stirling

Traffic Management Lead Professional (North Fife)
Fife Council
Assets, Transportation & Environment
Bankhead Central




Tel       03451 555555  Ext 450444
E Mail

download speed cushion proposals from Fife Council


January Meeting

At a well attended meeting in Durham Hall, a number of local issues were discussed. Mrs. Rhoda Fyfe, in the chair welcomed Councillor Graham Richie and reported that the chairman was delayed by traffic on the Standing Stane Road.

The application for a telecoms mast at the BT exchange had been withdrawn, but the regulations had been changed by the Scottish government, and a new application could be submitted.

Largo Pier - The Community Council subcommittee had met Mr. Dykes, the proprietor of the Crusoe Hotel. The sale of the pier to community ownership was discussed, but this would be subject to conditions relating to the hotel business. Discussions with the Scottish Land Fund would be needed, but there was no other comparable transfer, and any progress would be subject to a 9-18 month timescale.

Keilburn Footbridge: Chairman Peter Aitken took over the chair and reported that he had had a second survey on the bridge conducted by the Royal Engineers. They believed that the bridge could be repaired rather than replaced. Coun. Richie believed that the cost would then be about £25,000, rather than the initial estimate of £75,000 by Fife Council. The bridge is important, not least as it forms a safe route to Lundin Mill School.

Largo House: No immediate progress over public  access and the restoration of Sir John Wood's Tower.

Dumbarie Links Golf Course: A planning application had been lodged with Fife Council. Although the coastal path may be re-routed the area of special scientific interest would not be affected. Landowner, Lord Balniel was supportive of this aspect. A new junction on the A917 would needed. Although this development was at the cost of agricultural land, it would create new employment and tourist growth in our area.

Mrs. Josie Fernie: Tribute was paid to Mrs.  Fernie, who had looked after the Temple Car park Toilets for some years. She had been tragically killed in a road accident in Anstruther.

Traffic: Parking restrictions and the speed of traffic, particularly in St. Andrews Road, Upper Largo was discussed. Concern was raised about motorbikes and quad bikes being driven on the beach.

I would urge constituents in Lundin Links, Elie, Upper Largo, Crail and Dunshalt to respond to a new consultation launched by the Post Office into service provision in these areas.

The proposal being put forward involves mobile services being offered by the current postmaster at Kennoway.

The consultation, which runs until March 15, proposes a mobile service in Lundin Links on Mondays from 9am, -11am and Wednesdays from 11.30am to 1.30pm; Upper Largo on Mondays from 11.15am to 12.15pm; Elie on Mondays from 12.45am - 1.45pm, and Dunshalt on Tuesdays from 11.30am to 1.30pm. Crail is also included and would see a mobile service visit the village three days per week; Mondays and Wednesdays from 2pm - 4pm and on Tuesdays from 2.30pm until 4.30pm.

Many villages particularly those in the East Neuk have lost Post Office services and while permanent Post Offices in fixed locations is far preferable, I would encourage residents to contribute to this consultation. Protecting access to post office services is very important to communities.

Questions asked include how suitable are the locations suggested and how easy is it to get there, are there any other local community issues which may could be affected or affect the proposed change, and do people have any comments on the proposed dates and times.

The next six weeks offer people an opportunity to have their say and as well as responding to the consultation directly, I would also be keen to hear the views of constituents.

To take part visit…/kennoway-mobile-servic…/

Find and participate in consultations run by the Post Office











 Martin McDonald of Silverburn Volunteer group with a couple of Community Council members planted 1000 bulbs along the Keil Burn path.


 Lower Largo gate