An actual meeting of Largo Area Community Council will be held on
Monday 15..08.22 at 7.15pm in the Simpson Institute Main Street Upper Largo

Members of the public are invited to submit issues for discussion by the following means:-

(1) by telephoning the Chairman (Peter Aitken) (01333-320574) or the
Secretary (Donna Stewart) (07882514983)

(2) by Emailing the Chairman (Peter
or the Secretary(Donna Stewart) (

This is a public meeting and members of the public are welcome

Main items on the agenda.

We are an elected body created to represent and present our community and their views onward to our local authorities, Councillors and other bodies, public and private (and vice versa).

We wish to serve to promote activities to bring people together and get the best out of our area for everyone.

Please use the contact form or speak to one of the members of your Community Council and attend our monthly meetings. All input is vital.