Dear Friends and Neighbours, 

We know that the announcement of another 3 weeks of lockdown will have caused some frustration here and elsewhere. Unfortunately, Coronavirus cases in Fife are still rising – 488 yesterday, so probably exceeding 500 over the weekend. This does not include Care Homes or cases in the community, so it will actually be worse. 

This is still time for caution, but perhaps also for a little hope. There are some early signs that the rate of infections across the country might possibly be slowing. Our temporary sacrifice of freedom is helping our NHS to cope. Thank you for that, and for all that you are doing to help around the area. 

At the start of this crisis, we spoke of people becoming the “eyes and ears” of their locality. We have found that this was already happening on a massive – but unseen – scale all around us. We hear daily about people helping neighbours and friends with shopping and providing meals, with phone calls of support, with chats over the fence, and with the many little things that make a difference in times like this. We have a ‘hidden army’ of helpers! You will not be forgotten. 

There is another daily sign of hope for better days ahead. That is the sight and sound of our farmers and fruit growers doing what they have always done: planning for the future, ploughing, harrowing and planting crops; weeding, nurturing and picking. When this is over – and one day it will be – we will still have fantastic local food on our tables thanks to their continuing commitment and hard work. They too must not be forgotten! 

Please stay strong, 


HELPLINE 0800 999 3465