Dear Friends,

We are now in week 6 of the Coronavirus lockdown and it has been amazing to see the wonderful response of our communities in identifying local need and finding a way to meet it.  In particular, those who are simply but importantly being good neighbours; those who are being good friends on the end of the phone and those who have be concerned enough about an individual to contact us.  Thank you for everything you are doing. 

Whilst our Deliver2U service is being used at the moment in a limited way the reason for this is the fantastic Home Delivery Service from our local businesses and we know these are being well used.  The Support2Connect service has led us to pockets of need and we have been able to respond positively.  The most important and encouraging feedback so far has simply been that knowing we are here and that a system is in place to help has given enormous reassurance.  

We know that the lockdown will continue for a few more weeks and we also recognise that Fife Council will not be able to maintain our environment as before.  We also know that you want to help to keep the place tidy and so we have linked with “Happy Beaches” to support us in a “Spring Clean” and we’re asking for your help.  

A chest has been placed outside Andy’s Store in Lower Largo – it contains Hi Vis Vests, gloves, pickers, bags and sanitising gel.  What we’re asking is that as you are out walking for your hour of exercise – if you would – pick up any litter you see on the street, beach or the coastal path.  A map is displayed on the outside of the chest to identify where the bags should be deposited but essentially its where there are already rubbish bins e.g at the Temple Car Park and on the Coastal Path below Victoria Court. 

The bags will be removed by Happy Beaches on alternate days and taken to the skip belonging to the Coast and Countryside Trust.  We’d emphasise that this is an informal activity and one you could do as you are enjoying the fresh air and countryside.  All the rules on social distancing must apply.  

We are also supporting the replanting of our floral tubs and planters to brighten up the villages – healthy activities and a clean fresh environment brightens everybody’s days and makes us feel better so volunteers will also be needed for that. 

Thanks again for all your help, for staying at home, for maintaining the social distancing rules and for supporting one another.

Stay safe, stay well. 


HELPLINE NUMBER 0800 999 3465