LACRT BULLETIN – 9th April 2020

Your individual contributions and enthusiastic volunteering have put us in a great position tocope with the crisis, and we thank you once more. We have probably not really given due recognition to the support we have had from other members and representatives of our communities.

Largo Communities Together was instrumental in getting this project running and providing the systems, structure and people to help move things quickly. 

Largo Church was crucial to our early momentum and continues to be central to what we are doing. Their early donation also gave us the means to make rapid progress. 

Our MP’s and MSP’s, our Fife and our Community Councillors have given us unstinting support and continue to be interested and involved in our efforts. We thank them and will need them in future.  

Monturpie hosted our early meetings, for which we will always be grateful. The wonderful Law family was, and still is, heavily involved in what we are doing.

Howard Coates has donated us much time as well as providing our excellent call management system. This is allowing us to work faster and better. Without Howard, we would not be where we are.  

Our local shops have also stood up to be counted, stretching every sinew to be helpful in supporting our communities. They have exceeded our expectations!  

There are many other supporters who deserve a mention: Kingsbarn Distilleries, Forth ValleyOffice Supplies, the Rotary, as well as many individual and sometimes anonymous donors. We will have missed some people, but only because this has been a whirlwind of activity… if we have, we apologise! 

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.  


HELPLINE NUMBER 0800 999 3465