LACRT BULLETIN – 8th April 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbours, 

We have said a grateful thanks a few times for the many Largo area volunteers who have put their hands up to help us respond to the Coronavirus crisis, but perhaps we have not said it loud enough or often enough!  

We have been absolutely bowled over and delighted by the many offers of help from all parts of our communities. We could have set up several support services from our army of volunteers

…. and where people have not been able to help – people self-isolating, people with vulnerable partners- they have contacted us to say ‘sorry’! Absolutely no need. Thank you all. You have all been absolutely fantastic! 

Almost 100 people have been trained and equipped to do several critical roles – call handling, co-ordination, and Deliver2U – ahead of the curve. This has put us in a really good position. We are fine-tuning our processes and proving our capabilities in advance. Other areas around us may not be as well prepared yet, and we might be asked to help if we have capacity.  We are all in this together.

We understand that this might all feel like we have got dressed up for the dancing but aren’t yet on the dance floor!  Please be patient, we are all likely to be Highland Flinging before long! (or maybe Waltzing if that is your thing!) 

Please stay well, stay safe, 


NB. In case you have missed it, there is  a new Coronavirus page (links from Fife Council site):