LACRT BULLETIN – 7th April 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbours, 

Easter is fast approaching, but there are testing times ahead for all of us. We know that we are asking people to go the extra mile, to slow the spread of Coronavirus and to help our NHS. We understand just how very hard this is when we would all like to be out rolling Easter eggs with children and grandchildren.

Sadly, this is going to be a marathon and not a sprint, unless something changes very soon. 

We also know that you have the spirit, the staying power and the will to see us through. Our communities are nothing if not resilient and strong. We are united in a steely determination to face up to, and to deal with the present challenge. 

We see this daily in the your many acts of neighbourliness, in your willingness to contribute and to help, in your community spirit and enthusiasm for voluntary action. We also see it in many friendly, social-distanced greetings and good wishes.  

It is this collective community spirit which will see us through the Coronavirus crisis. 

Thank you all. Please continue to look out for your neighbours and yourselves. 

….and please stay well, 

HELPLINE NUMBER 0800 999 3465