LACRT Bulletin #4

Dear Friends and Neighbours, 

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Fife has now reached 40 and is rising fast. The virus is now circulating in our community, and we need to take extra care if we are to look after ourselves, protect the most vulnerable in our community, and support the wonderful NHS staff who will have to take care of us all. 

The health advice on self-isolation and social distancing (3 Steps is the Magic Number!) is clear and unambiguous. Our observations are that not everyone is following these sensible guidelines. Even one person ignoring the recommendations puts us all at risk. 

A curious statistic has emerged in the analysis of the rate of infection and the death rates between men and women. More men than women contract the virus, and more men than women die of it. Is this the result of men not to washing their hands as often or as well as their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters? It may not be, but it is not a risk worth taking.  

The health advice on this is also crystal clear:

If washing your hands properly saves just one life in our community, we will celebrate. If it is your life, we can all celebrate together.   

It was wonderful to listen to hundreds of people clapping their (beautifully clean) hands last night, coming together in the shared determination that this will not beat us in the Largo communities.

Please stay safe, we need you, 


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