Largo Area Coronavirus Response Team (LACRT)

LDear Friends and Neighbours, 

We know that there is great concern about the coronavirus pandemic in our communities. In order to deal with this as effectively as possible, some of our local organisations – Largo Area Community Council, Largo Communities Together, our Church, and others decided that it was imperative that we came together as an organised and active group to manage our local response. 

LACRT has been constituted under the emergency planning guidelines developed by Fife Council to deal with such crises. This ensures that we have authority to work within their protocols and can be a focal point for community actions to mitigate risks. We are not the emergency services, but we can and must support them. 

You will soon see communications about this, starting with a Newsletter which will be delivered to as many homes as possible over the weekend – we would be grateful for any help with this tomorrow from 10 am – 12 pm at the Stables, Upper Largo. Local websites such as the LACC, LCT and the Church will also post information, as will our local Facebook page. We will give updates as frequently as we can. 

We have been working closely with our local shops and businesses to ensure that we can maintain a reliable supply chain for essentials. We have also started to engage with the many volunteers who are already offering assistance in the community – it is critical that they are properly supported. 

We have set up a helpline – 0800 999 3465 – which will be operational from this weekend, to collate requests for assistance and support. Calls to this number will be free. We will try to help wherever we can. 

Thank you,